Sage 50

Sage, Authorized PartnerSage 50 business accounting software system optimizes your day-to-day accounting, business management, and strategic planning in a single, easy-to-use package that gives you the accuracy and control you need to improve long-term results. When you work with Advanced Information Management, you’ll be able to save time and money with your accounting system by improving the efficiency of your business performance.

From managing your inventory and analyzing trends to buying and selling in different units, accounting for your business needs has never been easier. Our premium accounting system enables you to track your fastest- and slowest-selling items, so you’ll be able to adjust pricing accordingly for maximum profitability. Calculating purchases in one quantity (a pallet) and selling in another (a pallet) can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be when you use our software. You’ll also be able to determine proper quantity price breaks and ensure that your volume discounts are applied fairly and consistently across the board.

Track Your Stock with Our Flexible Premium Accounting System

Keeping track of your inventory has the potential to be overwhelming if you’re not properly prepared. Fortunately, our premium accounting system gives you the tools you need to manage the products you purchase and sell while tracking your stock over time. Sage also enables you to specify up to 50 prices per item, giving you the flexibility and versatility you need for handling massive a product inventory. Ensuring bottom-line profitability is simple with flexible pricing calculations that you define based on a formula that works best for your operations. With the ability to implement and store up to 10 item price levels, you’ll be able to easily keep track of pricing across your entire inventory of items.

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Manage Your Inventory with Our Budget & Forecasting Solutions

Business Man Sitting at His DeskKnowing what you have in stock and what you need to order more of is important. Sage 50 business account software features a wide range of budget and forecasting solutions that are designed to make your inventory management easier. From ordering and selling using vendor part numbers to automatically generating POs based on stocking levels, you’ll be able to eliminate the time-consuming calculations that keep your business from reaching its full potential.
With enhanced kitting and assembly capabilities, building preassembled kits to maintain your in-stock inventory makes for rapid sales delivery. In the event that you need to use your components for another order, you’ll have the option to disassemble your finished kits and restock the unused components. If you require light manufacturing, then you can set up multilevel kits and enter labor or outside services as a BOM component.

Our accounting system also features expanded assembly capabilities, so you can simply choose the items that make up your assembly and track everything together. If you need to substitute one of the key components involved in the assembly process, then changing the BOM is virtually automatic. You can add up to 300 items per sub-assembly, and even add or remove components from assembly items once they've been sold. Manufacturing-specific operational reports provide delivery attempt notification, assembly planning, and a component pick list for easy access to the resources you need for managing your products.

The exclusive premium features of Sage 50 business accounting software enable you to do the following:

Compare Multiple Budgets across Four Years
Invoice Customers by Mail or Email
Automate Purchase Orders
Pay Bills Electronically or Print Paper Checks
Focus on Key Business Metrics with At-a-Glance Dashboards
Control & Secure Business Data
Archive & Restore Company Data Easily
Control User Access at Screen & Module Levels
Check for Common Accounting Errors with the Internal Accounting Review

Use Audit Trails to Track User Activity & Deter Fraud
Enhance Security for Prior Period Data
Organize & Manage Your Business
Use Serialized Inventory to Track Warranty Claims & Recalls
Enter & Track Job Change Orders
Set Email Alerts to Let You Know What Requires Attention
Run Forecasting & Benchmarking Reports for Long-Range Planning
Get Business Insight & Analysis with Crystal Reports® 2008

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